Shmup Music 14 Bombs Mix
シューティングゲーム 14ボムミックス

Shmup Music 14 Bombs Mix シューティングゲーム 14ボムミックス main image


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  1. G (from RAYFORCE a.k.a. GUNLOCK)
  2. 大田区上空 (from 蒼穹紅蓮隊 a.k.a. TERRA DIVER)
  3. Fake (from DARIUS 外伝)
  4. Universe Blue (from OPERATION RAGNAROK a.k.a. ZED BLADE)
  5. Not All There (from VIEWPOINT)
  6. Dual Moon (from METAL BLACK)
  7. Lead Departure (from 疾風魔法大作戦 a.k.a. KINGDOM GRANDPRIX)
  8. Geometric City (from RAYSTORM)
  9. The Stone-Like (from 斑鳩)
  10. Evac Industry - 審判の日 (from ケツイ ~絆地獄たち~)
  11. Subversive Awareness (from BATTLE GAREGGA)
  12. 成層圏 (from U.S.NAVY a.k.a. CARRIER AIR WING)
  13. Adam (from G DARIUS)
  14. Take Off (from METAL BLACK)

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